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About Better Choice Loans

Better Choice Loans was founded in 2003 and is one of California's fastest growing online mortgage companies. Our proprietary technology ensures our customers can obtain a real-time qualification that identifies the best available loan program and rate specific to their needs. Our system has significantly reduced costs throughout every stage of the loan process resulting in a cheaper, faster, and more convenient mortgage for our customers.

Higher Service Standards

Dealing with brokers and some lenders can be littered with confusion, frustration, and downright dishonesty. At Better Choice Loans we assure our customers receive fair and honest treatment, guaranteed upfront pricing, and a smooth loan process from start to finish.

Upfront Mortgage Lender

Better Choice Loans is a certified upfront mortgage lender devoted to the most comprehensive code of ethics in lending regarding up front information disclosure.

UML’s provide mortgage shoppers with all information they need to make an informed decision before applying for a mortgage, and guarantee them fair treatment throughout the entire process including closing.

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Better Rates and Lower Fees - Guaranteed

Better Choice Loans works closely with our lending partners to ensure we offer the best rate and lowest fees to our customers. We are so confident the combination of total closing costs + the interest rate will add up to the lowest cost mortgage anywhere, we’re willing to put money on it: $300 to be exact.

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No Commission Pricing

Many lenders reward loan agents with commission to upsell mortgage products or steer their customers into paying a higher interest rate. Better Choice Loans compensation system does not reward loan advisors for putting borrowers into higher-priced loans. Loan advisors are not allowed to change the rates, points, or other settlement costs posted on the site.

Our Goal

Deliver an exceptional customer experience by continuing to innovate faster, cheaper, and more efficient ways to shop mortgage rates online.

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