Know What Home Loan Rates in San Diego You Are Approved for First

It does not matter if you are a San Diego resident or if you are relocating to this fantastic city for work or retirement, the first thing you need to do is find out what mortgage rates in California you are approved for. This will play a huge role when you are house shopping, and trying to find a dream home that fits into your budget.

Home Loan Rates in California are Constantly Changing

You may have already noticed that home loan rates in San Diego change quite frequently. Therefore, if you assume you will get one rate, you may find the house you choose is out of your budget if the rates go up, or if you are not approved for that specific rate. Then what will you do? Will you somehow find a way to afford a higher monthly payment, or will you start over at square one?

If you take a moment and get pre-approved through an UpFront Lender, such as us here at Better Choice Loans, then you will know exactly what rate you are approved for, and how expensive of a home you can buy. Plus, if you see rates dip, you can lock them in while you continue shopping.

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