Choosing a Real Estate Agent in San Francisco

If you open a phone book or browse through online directories, you see that you are faced with a ton of realtors in the area. Some people get so wrapped up in comparing lenders to try to get the best mortgage rates in San Francisco that they just pick any realtor. The problem is that just like lenders, not all realtors will provide a rewarding or honest experience.

Tips for Picking a Real Estate Agent

Mortgage rates in California fluctuate often by the day. This is not something you should even be concerned about. If you work with an upfront lender, such as us here at Better Choice Loans, then home loan rates in California become less of a concern because you know what you are approved for and you can lock your rates in. Focus your attention on choosing the right realtor.

  • Check Licensing – There are boards that license agents. You can easily find out not only if they are licensed, but if they have any complaints or disciplinary action against them.
  • References – If you are not referred to a realtor by someone you trust, it is hard to find feedback about them. Ask them for references for past and current clients.
  • Credentials – You will want them to be a Certified Residential Specialist, and it is nice if they are also an Accredited Buyer’s Representative. If you are a senior, consider a realtor who is a Senior’s Real Estate Specialist.
  • Experience – How long have they been in the business? Do they do this full-time, or is it more of a part-time thing to make a little extra money?
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