Why Home Inspections are So Important

Many buyers get so caught up in making sure that they get the best mortgage rates in Los Angeles that they overlook other important details of the process. When you deal with an upfront lender, such as us here at Better Choice Loans, the home loan rates in California will work themselves out. You need to focus your attention on finding the right house, and making sure you get a home inspection.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Home Inspection

When you view a house, you focus on the gorgeous granite countertops, the view from the huge bay window and how much closet space there is. Few people look at the nitty-gritty elements that could cost a fortune in repairs, primarily because most are not qualified to do so.

A home inspection will be able to tell you if the heating or air conditioning unite will need replacing soon or if the foundation is not cracking silently. You may look at a roof and think it looks great, but they will know if it is about to spring a leak. Keep in mind that if a home has not been cared for properly, mold could be present in moist areas. Sellers could cover the area with furniture, paint, etc., but it will leave you with a huge excavation expense.

Let our agents here at Better Choice Loans handle getting you the best mortgage rates in California while you focus on the other important details.



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